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G-NiiB Immunity Pro (Internal)

G-NiiB Immunity Pro (Internal)

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"G-NiiB Immunity Pro, with the unique microbiome precision formula derived from novel virus patients, was developed by GenieBiome based on the discovery from a world renowned centre of microbiome research in The Chinese University of Hong Kong."

G-NiiB Immunity Pro is a unique microbiome Immunity formula that can be used as a dietary supplement. This formula uses big data to select ideal naturally occurring live bacteria, with patented microencapsulated technology from Italy to enhance live bacteria survival, and is clinically shown to be effective and safe in local novel virus patients. G-NiiB obtained exclusive patent# licensing from the Chinese University of Hong Kong;

G-NiiB Immunity Pro Rejuvenate Your Unique Microbiome, Boosting Your Immunity


In the midst of the novel virus pandemic, the population demands avenue to improve body immunity. The product contains natural live bacteria, our clinical data* shows

  1. these naturally occurring bacterial species can colonise the human gut,
  2. This unique formula helps to restore microbial imbalance and immunity and
  3. has demonstrated clinical benefits in novel virus patients

G-NiiB Immunity Pro contains a patent-pending formula of freeze-dried naturally occurring live good bacteria with patented microencapsulation technology from Italy, and heat-resistant prebiotics to replenish beneficial microbes in the human gut. G-NiiB Immunity Pro appeals particularly to individuals with weakened immune systems or individuals who are health-conscious, because beneficial microbes are often less abundant in patients with infections.

* Press conference on 19 Nov, Data on file. Department of Medicine & Therapeutics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
#patent pending

  • The FIRST and ONLY microbiome based Immunity formula based on scientific data of novel virus patients
  • Help STRENGTHEN our immune system
  • Specific for ASIANS

"Long shelf-life of Probiotics"

G-NiiB offers microbiome precision formula containing freeze-dried live, good bacteria with patented microencapsulation technology from Italy , and heat-resistant prebiotics. These ensure sufficient good live bacteria reach your intestine to deliver therapeutic actions and a long shelf-life.

"Tailors to Asian microbiome"

Developed based on the world’s first microbiome studiy on novel virus patients, comparing a large healthy subject database, G-NiiB Immunity Pro tailors to the Chinese and Asian microbiome.

"Machine Learning"

G-NiiB Immunity Pro contains the 3+3 best ratio of live good bateria and prebiotics based on the accurate and precise AI machine learning result, in order to provide the BEST result and achieve our health goal.




One sachet at any time daily or as directed by healthcare professional. Sprinkle in water, non fizzy or non-alcoholic drinks, or food (below 45℃)

Best consumed with:

  • Yogurt
  • Juice
  • Cereal
  • Room-Temperature Beverage


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store in a cool, dry place and to avoid sunlight.
  • If pregnant or nursing, or aged below 2, please consult your physician before use.



1) What is gut microbiota?

Gut microbiota, which is the ecosystem of microorganisms in our gut, is a major determinant of human health. Emerging evidence indicates that the gut microbiota plays an important role in many conditions such as emerging viral infections, colorectal cancer, type 2 diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, depression, dementia, eczema and allergy.
2) Why is the gut microbiota relevant to our immunity?
The gut microbiota regulates our immune system against infections. A number of recent landmark studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) discovered that patients with novel virus suffered from severe imbalance of gut microbiota (dysbiosis) with a decrease in beneficial bacteria which may contribute to susceptibility to novel virus infections and adverse clinical outcomes.

3) How is this microbiome immunity formula different from other probiotics?
Our product is based on innovative discoveries exclusively licensed from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. This microbiome formula is derived from big data analysis of novel virus patients and the healthy population. A clinical study by CUHK showed that significantly more novel virus patients who received the microbiome immunity formula had complete symptom resolution, reduced proinflammatory markers, increased favorable gut bacteria and neutralizing antibody, compared with subjects who did not have the formula.

4) How will this product benefit me and my family?
The benefit of this microbiome immunity formula is not limited to only COVID-19 patients. In a separate study of 1,000 healthy people in Hong Kong, almost 40% showed significant dysbiosis and hence impaired immunity similar to that of COVID-19 patients. This formula has the potential to boost your immunity against emerging infections.

5) What are probiotics?
A probiotic is a living microorganism, which improve our intestinal microbial balance; probiotics are non-pathogenic and are mostly can survive in stomach and pass to small bowel. They help to protect against disease and maintain wellbeing.

Our body harbors a great number of bacteria in the gut, especially in our large bowel. Described as our “invisible organ”, not only do these microorganisms help harvesting energy and producing certain nutrients from prebiotics, they also play an important role in immunity and communication with our brain.

6) What are prebiotics?
Gut bacteria need fuel to live, just like us! What gut bacteria feed on is called prebiotics, “a substrate that is selectively utilized by host microorganisms conferring a health benefit”. These substrates are mostly subset of carbohydrate groups, which remain intact beyond the acidic stomach environment in the digestive tract, and travel down to be served as a fest to the bacteria in the large intestine. Gut bacteria feed on these substrates and produce short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) that have protective effect on our gut health.

7) What is the health benefit of probiotics and prebiotics?
The formation of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) is consistent with bifidobacterial and lactobacillus metabolism and their effects on human immunity are proven in the scientific community:

On enhancing immune response:
  • Antibody responses toward viral vaccines improved
  • Immune responses toward influenza vaccines improved
  • Immune response were up-regulated
  • Decreased inflammatory response
On reducing impact from diseases:
  • Hospitalization due to influenza and side effects of influenza vaccines decreased
  • Diarrhea associated fever, febrile seizure incident, antibiotics usage, and duration of infectious disease decreased
  • Risk of some immune diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, reduced


Package Quantity: 1 box (28 sachets) [28 days formula]

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